Time and Place: The Finest Amenities

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Watch the YouTube stream by clicking here and scrolling to March 8.

On March 8 I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion that explored intersection of art, history and science. This conversation was organized by artist Sheldon Scott as part of a project, called The Finest Amenities, which he is creating under a commission from the City of Alexandria’s public art program.

Sheldon’s project is part of the Time and Place initiative, which explores how contemporary artists can bring new insight to familiar historical narratives and places, and attract new audiences to historical explorations. The Finest Amenities will explore the intersection between class, race, environment and personal consumption, with the hope of recoupling personal identity and environmental impact.

The conversation focused on four themes:

Intersectionality – Overlaps between Art, Science and History

Language – Understanding and translating between the practices

Bartering – What artists, historians and scientists we can borrow from each other

Solutions – What we believe we must do together to solve issues

On Sunday April 23, Sheldon will present an immersive, site specific performance that uses the history of harvesting ice from the Potomac and storing it at Gadsby’s as a starting point. His performance will examine the relationship of the river with the people of Alexandria and the contemporary utility of the river as a resource.

Time and Place is a collaboration between Alexandria’s Office of the Arts and Office of Historic Alexandria. Time and Place projects are curated by Meridith McKinley.

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