The Artist’s Touch

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I’ve completed another week of work in Athens, Ga., this time with guest artist Wing Young Huie, a Minneapolis-based photographer known for his projects that challenge people to bring their hidden selves into public view. Wing and our host, the … Continued

The City We Need: Open For Art

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I was honored to be invited as a U.S. representative to an Urban Thinkers Campus workshop called “The City We Need: Open for Art,” this winter. About 50 arts professionals, artists and planners from around the world debated the relationship between … Continued

A Whirlwind Week in Athens

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This week Matthew Mazzotta came with me to Athens, Ga., as the second artist-in-residence for the Athens Public Art Master Plan During his visit, Mazzotta conducted five “outdoor living room” public conversations about art, place and community in Athens. The conversations were held … Continued


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Artist Ben Volta is in the final stages of preparations for a PEARLS, an early action project for the Pearl Street creative placemaking initiative in the Callowhill neighborhood just north of Center City Philadelphia. Pearl Street dates from Philadelphia’s earliest … Continued

RFP: Public Displays of Innovation

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The Ballston Business Improvement District, in Arlington, Va., seeks to commission multiple temporary public art installations that explore the interaction of art, science and technology in public space. The projects would be presented as an ongoing series in spring, 2014. We … Continued

McKinney Public Art Plan Approved

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McKinney’s Public Art Master plan was approved by unanimous vote on Tuesday evening. The plan will bring murals to the alleyways in Downtown McKinney and bring sculptures throughout McKinney. Todd Bressi assisted lead consultant Via Partnership in developing the plan. … Continued

In Memorium: Bob Phillips

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I awoke this morning to the news that a great Philadelphia sculptor, colleague and neighbor of mine, Bob Phillips, has passed away as a result of an accident in his metalworking shop in North Philadelphia, You can learn more about … Continued

Joyful Noise

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The first thing you notice is the hands. Fingers and hands of all sizes. Gingerly painting a wooden pole. Stirring a brush in water. Carefully dropping beads in a bottle. Shaking a spray can and decorating a bucket in paint. … Continued