Urban design is at the heart of everything we do. Our projects are concerned with how urban space is experienced, how it is used and how it can be shaped by government, civic and private entities.

We operate at the intersection of architecture, landscape design, public art and planning — a cross-disciplinary approach that leads to innovative solutions for planning, designing, building and managing the public realm.

Visual Language Project

Bressi and artist Jody Pinto led an interdisciplinary team that proposed developing a “visual language” for City of Calgary’s Urban Environmental Protection Department — pallettes of color, materials, iconography, landscape material, form, events and other features that would enhance design of Calgary’s water systems and help communicate to the broader public the important relationship between Calgary and its watershed.
Project undertaken at Brown and Keener Bressi.

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Downtown Haddonfield Vision Plan and Form Based Code


Bressi led a team of urban designers and architects who created a master plan and code for historic downtown Haddonfield — allowing for retail growth the borough desired, but conserving its historic patterns of blocks and building types, and demonstrating how future parking needs could be met by carefully managing existing supply. The project resulted in New Jersey’s first form-based code.
Project undertaken at Brown and Keener Bressi.

Haddonfield FBC

Three Plans for Market West

Bressi led a design team at Brown and Keener Bressi that studied development and public realm possibilities for the blocks west of Center City Philadelphia. The team developed urban design guidelines and public investment strategies that would allow for a mix of uses at various scales, all calibrated to address Philadelphia’s complex street grid and pedestrian environment.
Project undertaken at Brown and Keener Bressi.



Bressi’s study of Arlington County design policy demonstrated how zoning, urban design, site planning, public art, economic development and infrastructure standards work at cross-purposes against creating good pedestrian walking places – and how County agencies could revamp their approaches to development in Metro station areas by putting pedestrians first.
Project undertaken with Jennifer McGregor.