The Artist’s Touch

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I’ve completed another week of work in Athens, Ga., this time with guest artist Wing Young Huie, a Minneapolis-based photographer known for his projects that challenge people to bring their hidden selves into public view. Wing and our host, the … Continued

The City We Need: Open For Art

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I was honored to be invited as a U.S. representative to an Urban Thinkers Campus workshop called “The City We Need: Open for Art,” this winter. About 50 arts professionals, artists and planners from around the world debated the relationship between … Continued

A Whirlwind Week in Athens

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This week Matthew Mazzotta came with me to Athens, Ga., as the second artist-in-residence for the Athens Public Art Master Plan During his visit, Mazzotta conducted five “outdoor living room” public conversations about art, place and community in Athens. The conversations were held … Continued

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